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An ideal shoe for work conditions or just relaxing at the house, Clog SR keeps your foot in secure comfort all day long. Water resistant leather and the SAS X-Tra Grip Sole™ help provide protection from slipping. TRIPAD® cushioning, a CoolSTEP™ footbed and soft genuine leather provide comfort to last the day.

Heel Height: 1.25". This item features a removable footbed.

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Women's Clog SR - Black

Item number #3500-013


  • SAS X-Tra Grip Sole™: The SAS X-tra Grip Sole® has outperformed industry standards using the Brungraber Mark II testing method for wet and oily conditions. The unique hexagon shape rubber outsole pattern helps to channel floor spills to maintain effective contact with floor surfaces and is non-marking. Our polyurethane midsole is a lightweight and flexible component that provides comfort without compromising support.

  • Water Resistant Leather Upper: Genuine, sturdy leather has been treated in our factory to resist the absorption of water and keep your foot dry.

  • SAS CoolSTEP™ Footbed: An anti-microbial material wicks moisture away from the foot and helps reduce friction that can cause heat buildup. This footbed cups the heel for a more stable and comfortable walking experience.

  • TRIPAD® Technology: These cushions give extra support through the three main pressure points of the foot: inside ball, outside ball and heel.

    1. Wouldn't wear anything else! review by Ellen on 9/14/2017

      I have worn WAS shoes for over 20 years. I've always been hard to fit as I have a very high instep, so my toes point up. When I found Free Time, I was in heaven. It had the roomier toe box I needed.

      Then I discovered the SAS clog. It has the same room for my toes plus the easy on and off that I need now that I have less mobility to fasten my shoes.

      Another reviewer mentioned the possibility that the clog may be discontinued. Please keep this shoe!! It's wonderful!

    2. Best Clog Ever review by Susan on 10/27/2016

      I discovered the SAS clog shoe several years ago and have lived in them ever since! They are the most comfortable shoes I own, and are equally great for walking and for looking nice with pants at work. Please don't ever stop making these wonderful clogs-- you have a buyer in me for life!!

    3. Love this clog! Please make more colors! review by Sandra on 4/2/2016

      I have this clog in black and also had a brown pair. I love this shoe, easy on and off plus super comfy! I was told that this shoe would be Discontinued and hope that's false. I'd love to see this shoe in a chocolate color and blue denim.

    4. Another winner from SAS. review by Mary on 3/21/2016

      When the weather turns cold and I can't wear my sandals any more, I turn to this clog. I put on a pair of socks and I'm ready for winter or rainy weather.

      The SAS materials and fit makes this a much more comfortable clog than you'll find from other manufacturers. Certainly an improvement on the historical wooden sole.

      You can stand all day in this shoe or do miles of walking. I love that I can just slip my feet into them and go.

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    Fit Guide

    Fit Guide

    Quality, comfort, and fit are very important to SAS. Because of this, we always recommend being fitted for SAS shoes at one of our retail stores whenever possible. Our in-store fittings include the use of The Brannock Device to get an indication of proper size. A shoe is not ‘fitted’ until it is placed on the foot, but the fitting process can begin with this device. Size is first measured heel to toe, then the arch measurement is taken from ball to heel and width measurement is indicated on the outer side of the foot. Both feet are measured and a variety of sizes and widths may be recommended to try before making a final selection.

    Women's Fit Guide

    4 35 2 8.1875" 20.8
    4.5 35 2.5 8.375" 21.3
    5 35-36 3 8.5" 21.6
    5.5 36 3.5 8.75" 22.2
    6 36-37 4 8.875" 22.5
    6.5 37 4.5 9.0625" 23
    7 37-38 5 9.25" 23.5
    7.5 38 5.5 9.375" 23.8
    8 38-39 6 9.5" 24.1
    8.5 39 6.5 9.6875" 24.6
    9 39-40 7 9.875" 25.1
    9.5 40 7.5 10" 25.4
    10 40-41 8 10.1875" 25.9
    10.5 41 8.5 10.3125" 26.2
    11 41-42 9 10.5" 26.7
    11.5 42 9.5 10.6875" 27.1
    12 42-43 10 10.875" 27.6
    Women's Widths Size Chart
    AAA = (S) Slim
    AA = (N) Narrow
    B = (M) Medium
    C = (W) Wide
    D = (WW) Double Wide
    E - EE = (WWW) Triple Wide

    Tips for Measuring and Fitting

    • Remember, when we go up in size, the width may also increase.
    • All styles fit differently.
    • Many customers may require doctor recommended orthotics. Inserts may require added depth in the shoe and make it fit differently, so try to account for this adjustment.
    • Struggling to find your perfect fit? Please contact us or call 1-877-727-7463.

    Shoe Care

    Water Resistant Leather

    Apply SAS Shoe Cleaner.

    Wipe with a damp cloth or rag. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 as necessary. Allow the shoe plenty of time to dry.

    Sole Care

    Carefully apply SAS Sole Cleaner to a clean damp rag and buff gently. Repeat as necessary to completely remove all traces of dirt, smudges, or scuffs.

    Footbed Care

    Use brush provided to remove any loose dirt.

    Spray SAS Footbed Cleaner on footbeds, making sure to wet footbed completely. Let cleanser set for a few seconds to loosen dirt and stains.

    Scrub with the brush in small, circular motions and bring to a light lather.

    Wipe down with a clean damp rag to remove dirt, and let air dry.

    Rebrush footbed with brush.

    Repeat if necessary.

    Still have a question about taking care of your shoes? Contact our CASA Department via email or call 1-877-727-7463, we're happy to help you out!