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Customer Care

F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a general question and would like a quick simple answer? Our Frequently Asked Questions section can help.

Email Customer Service

Do you happen to have a question or comment for us but are unable to make a trip to a store or make a call? Please do not hesitate to leave a message for us via email.

Care Guides

Have you recently purchased an SAS shoe and would like to know how to care for it? Wish to rejuvinate an older SAS shoe to its former glory? Our Care Guides will have all the information you need to keep your shoes looking great.

Factory Tour Information

Ever wonder on how SAS creates the most comfortable shoes in the world? Come and see first hand where the journey of our shoes begin with a free factory tour!

Returns & Exchanges

Are you not quite happy with the look or feel of one of our shoes? Spot a different style that you absolutely must have after a recent purchase? Click here to learn more information about our Return and Exchange policies.

Shipping Information

Are you unsure if San Antonio Shoemakers™ can ship to you? Do you happen to need more information on expedited shipping options? Please take a moment to review our shipping options and policies.

Glossary of Terms

Possibly confused by a term used in one of our descriptions? Not sure if a particular shoe style would complement a particular medical need? Find out more information about those terms here in our Glossary of Terms.